Yoga 2022

Inner Tensions: A Symbolic Contemplation of Yoga

Yoga is more than just a series of physical exercises. It is a way of life that helps us to harmonize with ourselves and our environment. But how do we find this harmony in a world full of contrasts? How can we preserve the essence of yoga without losing its diversity? How can we reconcile our individual needs with the universal principles of yoga? These are the questions that many people who practice or are interested in yoga ask themselves. The three images in this exhibition invite us to reflect on these questions. They show the extremes of modern, fast-paced, and purely physical yoga, as well as traditional, spiritual, and ascetic yoga. In between, we are all searching for our own path in yoga. A path that brings us joy, health, and peace. Let yourself be inspired by the images and discover your own connection to yoga.

Yoga 1 - 70 x 120 cm - Oil on canvas
Yoga 1 – 70 x 120 cm – Oil on canvas – 2022
Yoga 2 - 140 x 100 cm - Öl auf Leinwand
Yoga 2 – 140 x 100 cm – Oil on canvas – 2022
Yoga 3 – 70 x 120 cm – Oil on canvas – 2022

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